Pretty Things
True self-mastery means making yourself create the masterpiece you can. Potens sui.

Be your own daughter. Be your own mother. Then you can never deceive yourself. And allow the real you to live.

Make yourself proud. Do what you would find amazing to meet in yourself. Impress yourself. Make you want to be with you. To just stand in your presence to feel it, to go where you go next because it’s going to be unimaginable.

"Every man is my brother. Every woman is my sister."

When I meet you, this is how you will feel my regard. It will only change if you determine it otherwise.

Keep on dreaming,
Don’t stop breathing,
Fight those demons.
And sell your soul,
Not your whole self
Afraid, The Neighbourhood
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Bruno Mars - Natalie

Oh, I’ve never done this before
Never wanna do this again
Wrong turn on a dusty road
I did it to myself, I can’t pretend
Well, I learned just a little too late
Good God, I must’ve been blind
‘Cause she got me for everything, everything, everything, alright

Like my daddy I’m a gambling man
Never been afraid to roll the dice
But when I put my bet on her
Little Miss Snake eyes ruined my life
She better sleep with one eye open
Better make sure to lock her doors
‘Cause once I get my hands on her, Imma ***

The Good Lord better bless your soul
‘Cause I’ve already cursed your name
Don’t matter which way you go
Payback’s gonna come your way
You’ll be begging me, “please, please, please”
And I’ll look at you and laugh, laugh, laugh
While you sit there and cry for me, cry for me, cry for me all night

I’ll spend a lifetime in jail (yeah, that’s what I’ll do)
I’ll be smiling in my cell (yeah, thinking about you)
Can’t nobody save you now
So there ain’t no use in trying
Once I get my hands on you, Imma ***

I should’ve known better
‘Cause when we were together
She never said forever
I’m a fool that played her game, hey

Natalie ‒ she ran away with all my money
And she did it for fun
Natalie ‒ she’s probably out there thinking it’s funny
Telling everyone
Well, I’m digging a ditch
For this gold-digging bitch
Watch out ‒ she’s quick
Look out for a pretty little thing named Natalie
If you see her tell her I’m coming
She better run

When I wake up, I’m afraid
Somebody else might take my place
Afraid, The Neighbourhood